Can Allergy Symptoms be a thing of the past?

After all, an allergy is the body’s inappropriate response to a non-harmful substance - a mistake of the immune system but it can be corrected. That’s where the term allergy elimination comes in. Dr. Wallace has studied NAET and Brimhall method and has combined aspects of both into a powerful treatment that can reduce or completely eliminate a person’s reaction to the substance that formerly caused their misery.

Is it an allergy or a cold?

Headaches, sneezing, runny itchy eyes, asthma, skin rashes and more are all symptoms of allergy. People often think they have a cold or the flu when actually they are allergic to something. One way to tell the difference is to notice the duration and changes in symptoms. A cold or flu will tend to move from one area to another. One day it is in your head, and the next day it moves to the throat, then chest, and so forth. Allergy symptoms tend to be more steady and last longer - depending on how long the allergen is around. Another clue to an allergy is the time of year it appears if it is an environmental substance (like pollen).

If you don’t know what you are reacting to…

Dr Wallace can test for allergens and also give a combined treatment for multiple substances. The testing is a pleasant, non-invasive muscle testing procedure that can quickly narrow down the possibilities of what you are allergic to.