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Pain After an Accident

Don't let accident pain go untreated. Know your rights to good care.

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Low Speed Car Crashes Can Still Cause Pain - Even if the Car is not Damaged!

often an auto accident does minimal damage to the car, but can still damage your body.

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Open House

Bring a friend and receive a $10 gift card and your friend will get 50% off their first visit.

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Eliminating Allergies

Here we are friends, right in the middle of the blossoming season. And more is coming. Do you suffer from runny nose, sinus pain, sneezing and watery eyes? Even if you take antihistamines, you may still feel pretty under the weather. Many of our patients have achieved freedom from allergies with our Allergy Elimination Technique. No pills, no shots, no needles, NO ALLERGIES. Dr. Wallace tests for allergies (by applied kinesiology) and performs a technique which is a modified form of needle-less accupuncture. Make an appointment with Dr. Wallace for a consultation. For more information and some testimonials, Click Here.

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Put a Damper on Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is at the root of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

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Can You Keep Your Resolutions?

Why do we stop doing what we know is good for us? What stops us from doing those things? Life is complicated, isn’t it? Whatever your goal, there will be obstacles to keeping it going.

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